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I am the daughter of a US Army career Soldier who served honorably in WWII & Korea, and a stay-at-home Mom who raised four successful children.

I was Saved and became a Christian at 9 years old in Vacation Bible School.

I graduated from Parkland High School in El Paso, Texas, with Honors in 1972.

I graduated from Texas A&M, BS Animal Science/Production Magna Cum Laude in 1975.

While at Texas A&M, I was inducted into Alpha Lambda Delta freshman honor society, Alpha Zeta Cwens (now Lambda Sigma) sophomore honor society, Alpha Zeta agriculture and natural resources honor society, and became an active member (unofficial) of Alpha Phi Omega national service fraternity.

I accepted an Army Health Professions Scholarship in 1976 in order to finish my education.

I graduated from Texas A&M, BS Veterinary Science Cum Laude in 1977.

I graduated from Texas A&M, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 1979.

I served on Active Duty at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, 1979-1982.

I was active in the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), and was selected for Active Reserve duty first as an Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA), and then as a Drilling Individual Mobilization Augmentee (DIMA) and served in those positions until I retired in 2007 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

I wrote or otherwise developed several Army Regulations that are still in effect today.

I purchased my home/farm in 1982, Wandering Farm, and started putting together my cow herd, leasing/purchasing land with expansion as available.

I started my Veterinary practice in Bowie, Texas, in 1983.

I worked with the Humane Society of Wichita County as their surgical Veterinarian for 18 years, and served one term on the Board of Directors.

I have worshiped at Crafton Baptist Church since 1986.

I began purchasing rental house units in the early 1990′s, and provide modest rental homes for lower to middle income families.

I am a member of the Bowie Chamber of Commerce, and have served on the Board of Directors.

I wrote portions of and worked in the development of the Bowie Zoning and Animal Control Ordinances.

I serve as a Director of the Bowie Main Street Association, and served one term as Vice President.

I am a Compassion International child sponsor.

I purchased Mine & Yours Feed in 2009, preventing the loss of a small business in Bowie.

I have served on the Montague County Grand Jury.

I have personal goals that I work toward with at least one step every day.

Narrative Resume:

I was born at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, the daughter of a US Army career Soldier who served honorably in WWII & Korea, and a stay-at-home Mom who raised four successful children. I come from a traditional lower middle income family that taught me moral values, personal responsibility, a strong work ethic, thrift, and patriotism. I was raised in El Paso, Texas, just outside of Fort Bliss.

As a child of older parents, I grew up with the values of a previous generation. My parents had seen the Great Depression up close and personal, and had their own memories along with the stories of other family members to shape their attitudes and judgment. They were determined that no matter what, we would all get a good education and make something of ourselves.

I graduated from Parkland High School in El Paso, TX, and went to Texas A&M University on an academic scholarship. I earned two Bachelor of Science degrees there, along with my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

It was my desire and my goal to be married one time for my lifetime – despite my best efforts, I was unsuccessful.

I moved to Bowie, Texas, after my Army active duty tour at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. I made my home here in 1983, and opened Bowie Pet Clinic here in 1984.

I built my business from the ground up, starting with a box of vaccine on the tailgate of my pickup truck in 1983, and pulled myself up by my bootstraps. After a year of hard work and saving, I was able to buy a small building for my clinic. Through the years, I worked as many as four jobs at the same time to finance my growth and purchase the equipment I needed.

I am a private practice Veterinarian, trained and experienced in finding problems and fixing them. I built a business out of nothing, created jobs, made and met budgets, grew and prospered, and made the tough decisions for years — experience we desperately NEED in Washington NOW!

So what do I have to offer that every one else doesn’t have?

In a word, LEADERSHIP.

Not surprising to those of us who live here, the Texas 13th Congressional District is one of the most Republican District in the country. It contains 650,000 citizens, more or less, and 11.5% of the population are military Veterans. Out of that 650,000 in a Cook PVI R+29 District, no one should be surprised to find a significant number of good, strong Conservative Republicans. That means we should have a lot of great Conservative Republicans to choose from in selecting our Representative — and we do.

But is that what we really want? Just another Conservative Republican? Another seat occupied by another someone with an “R” after their name?

We beat our heads against the wall asking where the Republican Leaders are. But if we want Leaders, we have to elect Leaders — not just good Conservative Republicans who will go to Washington and disappear until the next election rolls around. We wait impatiently for our elected Republicans to get a backbone and do something to stop the leftward shift of our entire Federal government — and get crickets!!!

I offer you Leadership — through skills honed in my 31yr US Army career, and in starting/building my own successful business out of nothing.

Leadership — to take the fight to restore Constitutional principles to the statists DAILY. To Stand Up, Speak Out, and Lead others to rein in our overreaching and overspending government. To Defund and Eliminate Unconstitutional Federal Departments and Programs.

Leadership — to be out in front, like Senator Ted Cruz, leading the charge in broad daylight. And, to take the attacks from the leftist/progressives, and from the “moderate Republicans” as well, and still march on.

Leadership you can count on!

For one thing, I know how to save money. In fact, I can pinch a penny until Abe has a migraine. But more than that, I know how to get things done right without spending a fortune doing it.

A few years ago, I knew that I would need a larger clinic facility. I kept my eyes and ears open for unused surplus building supplies available as discard from other construction projects, stockpiling them as they became available for future use. I bought a vacant downtown building to renovate, saved the reusable lumber removed from the existing interior walls during the remodeling, and used it in the construction of the new roof as joists and bracing. I acquired used cinder blocks during the demolition of a wall at the local High School, and reused these cinder blocks to close up window and door openings. Rather than buy all new equipment and fixtures for the new clinic facility, I moved the in-use fixtures from our original clinic into the newly remodeled building. I also purchased used stainless steel kennel cages and fixtures as needed from other clinic dispersal sales rather than buy new whenever possible. My “reuse, remodel, renew” Bowie Pet Clinic building was named a Finalist in the Texas Downtown Revitalization competition through the Texas Main Street Program.

Plus, I have a conscience that won’t let me take what isn’t mine or waste what has been entrusted to me.

As I mentioned before, I spent 31 years in the Army — three years Active Duty, and 28 years in the Army Reserve. I had the opportunity to go to Continuing Education conferences every year. Most of the time the conferences were held in really nice hotels in major cities. Often, there was a military installation nearby. Of course, as a Lieutenant Colonel, I could have stayed in the high priced hotel and received 100% reimbursement for the lodging no questions asked. The only problem is that I was not spending MY money, I was spending YOUR tax money. With that in mind, I did my best to stay in the soldier housing available nearby for a fraction of the hotel cost. If that was not available, I found a local budget motel. I didn’t do this once or twice, I did it consistently for 31 years — and I have the records to prove it.


I love the United States of America! I love her Freedom, Liberty, and Opportunity!

And for all my life I have learned time and time again that I live in the greatest country in the whole world — where the children of a Soldier who went to war at 17, and his Wife who had to quit school in the 9th grade and go to work cleaning houses, can grow up to be anything they wanted to be, limited only by the size of their dreams and the depth of their determination.

These are the voices from the past that guide my future:

“If you can’t be anything else, at least be honest.”
“Truth is still truth whether you believe it or not.”
“If you don’t work, you don’t eat.”
“Nobody owes you anything.”
“Everyone wears used clothes, because the instant you put them on they’re not new anymore.”
“We don’t take charity, we look out for ourselves.”
“If you don’t want problems, keep your zipper up.”
“If you don’t have common sense and understanding, you don’t have anything.”
“It doesn’t matter what you do if it is honest labor, even digging ditches. Do it the best you can, whatever job you do, and you’ll do right.”